air resistance coursework

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Physics coursework - resistance of a wire graph gcse physics coursework terminal velocity and air resistance help please. Electricity - what is resistance and ohm's law in gcse physics. Hi, i'm doing gcse physics courswork for ocr twenty first century science the coursework is based around air resistance and terminal velocity
As it gains speed, the object's weight stays the same, but the air resistance on it increases. There is a resultant force ... The feather and the coin have roughly the same surface area, so when they begin to fall they have about the same air resistance. ... An astronaut on the Moon carried out a famous experiment. He dropped
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DE COURSEWORK. Introduction. This investigation will look at the effects of air resistance on falling objects, where the objects will have the same dimensions but different masses. I will firstly model these situations to make predictions. This can then be experimented to obtain a set of results which we can use to test the
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If you did not understand anything that I have written (I merely touched on parts of this), please just ask, as I know a lot of schools tend to do the coursework before students have. Newton. I am going to investigate the effect of a parachutes surface area in relation gcse physics coursework air resistance its fall time.

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